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This is my latest entry in the 2006 Woodstock Woodshow and it took 1st place in it's category.  I call it the "Red Dragon". It is an original design by myself and took almost 11 months from start to finish.It is approx.1200 individual pieces and made from Bloodwood,Basswood,Yellowheart,Jatoba and Nogal mounted on Oak veneer plywood with a Dark Walnut frame.
 There are more pics of this on page 3


The largemouth bass is my most recent creation,It made a perfect gift for a good friend of mine.



Newly completed works are displayed in the photo album pages. Be sure to check them out.
I recently entered in the 2005 Woodstock Wood Show in October and am pleased to report that the "Dragon's" below received 1st place in it's category(amateur from my own design)
This project took a long time (over 100 hrs.)
but the end result was worth it.
There are more pictures of this on page 3.

2005 Woodstock Woodshow 1st place
This is an original design DRAGON...approx.225pcs

My name is David Liechti,I live in Kitchener,Ontario. I've been doing Intarsia for about 2 years and a bit.My wife started me on this hobby after she showed me a really nice intarsia piece and I said that I could do that,so she bought a scroll saw and sander for me and the rest is history!

  On this site I will show all the work that I have done.These works of art take long periods of time to complete so please check in once in awhile for new updates.            

  Intarsia is an art form consisting of cutting and shaping pieces of wood and then reassembling them just like a mossaic picture.

  •   First I select a pattern(I like to use Judy Gale Roberts design)
  •   Then I photocopy the pattern and cut out each piece with an exacto knife.
  •   Next step is to select the wood for each piece.I like to use cedar because it is available in so many colours and wood grains , which is very important for the finished look.Then each cut out piece is then glued to the wood and ready to be cut out using the scroll saw.
  •   After all the pieces have been cut I take them over to the table top belt sander to get them to fit together.Once they are fitted then they are contoured for dimension,and then hand sanded for smoothness.
  •   Each piece is then stained with a clear stain to bring out the natural colour of the wood, and then glued together(for bigger pieces I use a plywood backing and smaller pieces i just glue the parts to each other)
  •   Finally when assembly is complete I spray 3 coats of clear lacquer (satin finish)and then apply hangers and then WHEW! I'm done.



This Indian is my personal favorite.

It is made from approximately 180pcs.and took about 60 hours to complete.

raccoon 55pcs.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.